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10 Things We Love About Vegan Curry Paste

Vegan curry paste is essential for vegans who flavor in their dishes. Here’s why we love vegan curry paste.

It’s delicious

Curry paste is delicious because of the blend of spices and ingredients all cooked in one product. Just because it doesn’t contain animal products, that doesn’t mean it won’t pack a punch in your chosen dishes.


Curry pastes are versatile and can make thick curries or watery noodle soups. They are so easy to use no matter what dish you are making. You could even rub the paste in your ingredient and roast the dish for incredible flavor.

Simple to use

All of the ingredients are within the curry pastes, and all you need to do is add them to your dish and cook away. No extra ingredients are required.

Great for beginner or lazy chefs

Because it’s so easy to use, they make cooking quick and delicious with minimal effort.

Ideal for families

Likewise, if you have a large family and want to ensure that everyone enjoys a delicious meal, using a vegan curry paste is quick and easy. You won’t need to stand for hours chopping ingredients and simmering them. Instead, you can cook up a delicious and fragrant dish in minutes.

Used in non-traditional curry dishes too

Just because they are vegan curry sauces does not mean that they can only be used to curries. You can cook many more dishes with vegan curry sauces such as mac and cheese and loaded fries. They are great and easy to experiment with.

All-natural ingredients

Vegan curry pastes contain all-natural ingredients, such as coconut milk, natural spices, sugar, salt, oil, garlic, and shallots. No preservatives added!

It can be made spicier

Some vegan curry pastes will come with spice but if you like more heat, just add some fresh chilies or hot sauce to the curry as you’re cooking.