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5 Fun Ways To Eat Vegan Hot Sauce

You can add Mama Lam’s hot sauce to almost anything, from pasta to popcorn. Here are some ideas for using it more often in everyday cooking.


Eggs and Breakfast

One of the most common ways to use our hot sauce is on an omelet. You can add chopped veggies, bacon, or cheese to your omelet and then top it with the hot sauce for a flavorful twist on the classic breakfast dish. Or try making a hot sauce-spiced scramble or adding some hot sauce to your breakfast tacos. You can also use the hot sauce in baked goods and desserts. Add a tablespoon of the hot sauce to your next batch of biscuits or scones.

Pasta and Pizza

Spice up your bowl of pasta with a spoonful of Mama Lam’s vegan hot sauce to add some flavor and heat. Or try mixing it into your next batch of homemade pizza sauce or Alfredo sauce for your pizza or pasta. 

Soups and Stews

The hot sauce would be a nice addition to your next batch of vegetable or potato soup. Or make a batch without the hot sauce and add it in when you are in the mood for a spicy soup. 

Beans & Rice

You can try adding a spoonful of hot sauce to your next batch of black bean or pinto beans or add some to your following chili or nacho cheese batch. The vegan hot sauce can flavor up any rice dishes such as fried rice, Spanish rice or even plain white rice. 


Here are some ideas for spicing up your next batch of desserts. You can also add a spoonful of hot sauce to your following pancake syrup or even to your next butter batch. Why not try adding hot sauce to your next batch of frozen yogurt or baked goods, like cookies or muffins?


There are many ways to add our vegan hot sauce to your meals. You can try out these ideas or come up with unique ways to add spice to your cooking.