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6 Ways To Use Hot Oil In Your Favorite Dishes

If you’re finding your favorite dishes a little bit bland, you need to inject a bit of warmth into your food. If you want to add flavorsome spice to your favorite dishes, use Mama Lam’s Malaysian hot oil to make your favorite dishes taste better.

#1 Drizzle On Your Eggs

Malaysian hot oil can add depth of flavor to your favorite egg dishes. Our top taste sensation is a drizzle on a golden-yellow fried egg. You can drizzle oil on top, inside, or even cook with it to make your omelet lightly spicy. Scrambled eggs? Cook it in oil, or sprinkle a little on top after cooking. Eggs on toast? Put a little drizzle on your bread for a delicious twist to your favorite breakfast.

#2 Make A New Pizza Topping

Is your pizza a little boring? Even the dullest Margherita can be spiced up with Malaysian hot oil! Add some flavor to your cheese and tomato pizza, or if you’re feeling creative, transform your pepperoni pizza into a spicy meat feast. Hot oil goes on every different type of pizza. As we’ve already seen, hot oil can even transform eggs into a desirable pizza topping.

#3 Time For Spicy Aioli

Did you already think aioli had everything you needed as a sauce? Mayo and mashed garlic – what’s missing? Malaysian hot oil. Mix in a little hot oil with your aioli to make for an unforgettable taste experience. You can add hot oil to your aioli sauce, or if you’re feeling lazy, drizzle it over a prepackaged sauce to create something entirely new.

#4 Hot Hummus

Classic hummus is excellent. There are a few spicy hummus flavors out there. Simply put Mama Lam’s Malaysian hot oil into the hummus. You’ll have Malaysian hummus all to yourself with this simple, desirable oil.

#5 Did Someone Say Hot Honey?

Spice and honey have been firm friends for a long time now and are a fantastic taste combination. But with Malaysian hot oil, you’re injecting a fusion of flavor, spice, and honey. Malaysian hot honey is a smoky, woody, salty, spicy sensation that you cannot forget. Including hot oil means you can put honey on toast, pizza, and breakfast sandwiches.

#6 Spicy Ramen

Is something missing from your noodle or ramen bowl? Pour in some Malaysian hot oil to give it that missing spice. Hot oil goes with everything, from green shoots to chicken, so that a small dash will enhance even a basic bowl of noodles.

How do you like to use hot oil? Let us know how it makes your favorite dishes taste better, or check out our recipes for more inspiration on creating your mealtimes more fun.