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7 Incredible Ways to Use Red Curry Paste in Your Cooking

Red curry paste can turn a bland dish into something mouth-watering. It’s one of the most versatile Malaysian ingredients and can be used in almost anything from stir-fries to soups and sauces. Red curry paste consists of dried red chilies, garlic, shallots, and other spices. Red curry paste is one of the key ingredients in many Malaysian dishes, such as red curry chicken, beef rendang, and curry laksa.

Add a Rich and Smoky Taste to Your Food

Red curry paste is a bold ingredient and an excellent way to add a rich and smoky taste to your food. A great way to use red curry paste is to use it as a base for sauces and dressings. The rich, bold flavors of the paste will add a new dimension to your dips and salads. Red curry paste also works well in creamy sauces since the fats in this paste will give your sauce a nice texture.

Create a Vibrant Color

Red curry paste is often used to bring vibrant color to food. This makes it an excellent choice for rich-colored side dishes such as a tropical salad or roasted corn. You can also create a colorful curry with red carrots, green peas, and orange sweet potatoes.

Enhance the Aroma of Other Ingredients

Red curry paste is often used in Malaysian stir-fries and curries, but did you know it can also enhance other ingredients’ aroma? You can use it in various recipes such as steamed veggies or even a salad. Just be careful not to add too much since the aroma of this paste can be pretty intense. If you’re using red curry paste in a salad dressing, make sure to blend it with coconut or vegetable oil since this will give it a creamy texture. You can also use a red curry paste vinaigrette to marinate your salad greens.

Create a Malaysian Soup Base

Consider using red curry paste as the main ingredient when craving a Malaysian soup base. This will give your soup a rich, creamy texture with a nice spice. Add potatoes since they work well with red curry paste. If you want to add more vegetables, consider using coconut milk instead of regular milk. This will give your soup a rich, creamy texture.

Enhance the Flavor of Veggies

If you’re looking for a way to add flavor to your veggies, try mixing a bit of red curry paste with some citrusy juice. This will give your veggies a nice burst of flavor without overpowering them. You can also try mixing a bit of red curry paste with your hummus for a unique twist on a party appetizer. Another convenient way to use red curry paste is to add it to your favorite salad dressing. This will give your salad a nice Malaysian flavor while also creamy consistency. You can also mix red curry paste with your mashed potatoes, but keep in mind that they taste a bit spicy.

Bottom line

Red curry paste is a versatile ingredient that can create many flavorful recipes. It can enhance the aroma of other ingredients and boost your veggies. These are just a few ways to use red curry paste in your cooking. This paste can be beneficial no matter what dish you’re making. Add it to your list of must-have ingredients the next time.