mama lams curry paste
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Best Gifts for Chefs

Finding the best gifts for chefs isn’t always an easy task. That’s because they are the experts and, usually, you aren’t. 

But that’s okay. On this page, we have some suggestions for you. These are totally authentic options that will delight your chef’s inner food snob.

Mama’s Lam’s Curry Noodle Soup Kit

Curry noodle soup kits provide all the ingredients chefs need to make a delicious bowl of Curry Noodle Soup. Our kit comes with a carton of coconut milk, a package of noodles, a carton of broth (chicken or vegetarian) and a set of Mama Lam’s products. Chefs simply follow the recipe cards or whip up something on their own! We can include gift messages in the kits as well!

Mama Lam’s Sampler Set

If the chef in your life loves curries and spicy foods, then they’ll definitely want to give Mama Lam’s Malaysian curries a try! Our Mama Lam’s Sampler Set is a great gift option, since it includes smaller portions of our products so the chef can taste test them all. Mama Lam’s curry pastes are made with traditional ingredients to provide genuine, authentic flavors. The set contains a mild and a medium Malaysian curry paste as well as a savory and spicy hot sauce and hot oil.

These sets make a great gift because they let the chef in your life explore a new style of cuisine while also putting their own spin on it. Mama Lam provides the basics – it’s up to the chef to do the rest!