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Can you make chili oil using fresh chilies?

fresh chilis for hot chili oil by mama lams

The deliciously luxurious heat of homemade chili oil can spice up any recipe, and it’s fair to say that making your own from scratch will offer a far more satisfying flavor.

You’ll likely be able to find countless hot chili oil recipes both online and in print. However, one key question often troubles those testing their kitchen skills – can you make chili oil using fresh chilies?

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Can you make chili oil using fresh chilies?

The short answer is – yes! You can make hot chili oil using fresh or dried chilies, so it’s totally up to you what option you choose. Different recipes will call for other chilies, so it may depend on the cuisine you are cooking or the chef whose instructions you are following.

The simple fact of the matter is that oil is a natural preservative. Many people are under the false impression that fresh chilies will likely turn sour due to their water content, but this isn’t the case. Suppose you put fresh chilies (or fresh garlic, herbs, vegetables, and more) into vegetable oil (including olive). In that case, it will be naturally preserved and, therefore, will not go out of date quickly.

When you use fresh chilies to make hot chili oil at home, you will likely need to add more when compared to dry chilies. This is because dried chilies have a more intense flavor and, subsequently, more intense heat or spice. So, consider this fact when you are making hot chili oil with fresh chilies!