mama lams curry paste
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Red Curry Paste

Traditional Curry Paste

If you’re looking to make a savory and spicy curry sauce, Mama Lam’s traditional red curry paste would be a great option! From curry noodle soup to Thai red curry, our red curry paste will give you plenty of reasons to venture to the Far East! And luckily, you don’t have to go far for an authentic tasting curry and you can make it in the comfort of your own home.

Lovingly Made in NY

Our products are all cooked and jarred right in New York City – where Mama Lam’s story began.The red curry paste is an excellent alternative to green curry paste or yellow curry paste. And most Malaysian curries are usually red, while Thai curry will have a few different variations! For those looking for something hotter in their dishes, this red curry paste is packed with that Malaysian heat. Each 4oz. jar of our red curry paste allows you to cook four to eight servings of spicy and delicious curry. Our red curry paste will last up to a year in the refrigerator, so once the jar is open, you can use it whenever you’re craving curry – be it Malaysian or Thai! 

About Our Red Curry

Mama Lam’s red curry paste is made from the most delicate ground spices, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, ginger, and the star ingredient: red chilies. Red chilies are always a fantastic addition to anybody’s diet- full of excellent health benefits, including helping in weight loss, aiding digestion, and helping to unblock nasal passages. Our red curry paste always gives any dish something extra! If you are on the hunt for something that will satisfy your appetite for spices, our red curry paste recipe brings out that authentic Malaysian flavor. 

How To Use It

It is so easy to add Mama Lam’s red curry paste into any dish or recipe that you want! Whether you are cooking stir-fried chicken in a pan and need a little zing, or you want to add something surprising to your barbecue dish, our authentic red curry paste can elevate meals from bland to brilliant! Depending on your spice tolerance, you may want to start with a little, but never be afraid to adjust the recipe based on your tastes. If you are looking for the spice to tickle (and tackle) your tastebuds, don’t be scared to go overboard – add as you need more flavor!

The Spicy Curry Paste You Need In Your Life

If you are looking for that authentic taste of Malaysia, you can buy Mama Lam’s Malaysian red curry paste online and elevate any dish from plain to complex and flavorful! Our red curry paste will give your food the kick your tastebuds deserve!