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If you’re looking for authentic and traditional Malaysian ingredients, then look no further than Mama Lam’s shop. Her curry pastes and hot oils add a new dimension of flavor to your dishes, delighting your taste buds. 

Finding the real taste of Malaysia isn’t always easy. You either have to make the pastes yourself or make do with a less-than-ideal interpretation of the original. 

But with Mama Lam’s, there’s no such compromise. Thanks to her savored recipes and deep knowledge of Malaysian cuisine, you can recreate your favorite Malaysian dishes with ease in your kitchen, without traveling halfway around the world. 

Authentic Traditional And Vegan Malaysian Curry Pastes

What makes Mama Lam’s Malaysian oils and pastes so special? Simple: each one is made using the same traditional methods used for generations. When you taste these sauces, you’re traveling back hundreds of years, allowing you to get in touch with Malaysia’s rich food heritage. 

Our Traditional line of Malaysian curry pastes, hot sauces and hot oils contain shrimp paste. But if you love eating vegan, then Mama Lam’s shop has a surprise for you too: all-vegan options!

Our vegan products are exactly the same as the conventional version, just minus the shrimp paste. So you still get maximum flavor from your dishes. 

Mama Lam’s shop lets you choose the heat of your curries too. You can get mild traditional Malaysian curry paste with a small amount of chili. Or you can buy Malaysian medium traditional curry paste with added Mama Lam’s special hot sauce for a little extra kick!

Still not sure which to choose? Why not try Mama Lam’s sampler set? You get 2 oz of all hot sauces and curry pastes in the range. Each curry paste has 4 servings, while each hot sauce provides approximately 26!

Created, Bottled, And Packed In NYC

When Mama Lam first arrived in New York, she found that she couldn’t get all the Malaysian flavors that she wanted. That’s why she set up Mama Lam’s shop – to bring the country’s cuisine to the community she loved. 

Even to this day, All Mama Lam’s products are created and packed in NYC. We carefully craft and then jars them fresh right in the kitchen of Mama Lam!

Join The Mama Lam Club

Mama Lam wants to spread the message of delicious Malaysian food throughout New York. So now you can get Mama Lam-branded reflection t-shirts, patch hoodies, and even beanies! Mama Lam gift cards are also available – perfect for encouraging friends and family to experience the delights of Malaysia cooking.