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Malaysian Vegan Hot Sauce

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Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Shallots, Water, Garlic, Dried Chili Peppers, Salt

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NOTE:Imperfect” sizes are jars that have more oil than they normally would, offered at a discounted price!

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1 review for Malaysian Vegan Hot Sauce

  1. 5 out of 5

    Maggie King

    My sister Annie and I have had this hot sauce for years and it’s there best thing I have ever eaten. As a girl who loves spice- I eat it on absolutely everything for every meal. I cannot say enough good things, I truly am the biggest fan!!!

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Mama Lam’s Vegan Malaysian Hot Sauce

Malaysian Hot Sauce

When you want to add a high heat level to a meal you are making or to a snack, it is easy to do so when you choose a gluten-free spicy vegan hot sauce from Mama Lam’s. The savory sauce is a recipe crafted from Mama Lam herself.

When she moved to New York from Malaysia, she realized that there were few Malaysian options in the city. So, she had to create her own hot sauce that she and her family and friends have enjoyed for over 30 years. It wasn’t until 2016, that Mama Lam and her daughters launched the brand. Now, they have a line of hot sauces and curry pastes that are renowned for the wonderful flavors they instantly give to dishes.

The spicy vegan hot sauce is cooked and jarred in New York, where Mama Lam and her daughter run the business. Each batch is handmade with love and you can taste it in each bite.   Easily order it online to arrive at your doorstep, even if you’re not living in New York.

Made In NY

Mama Lam’s provides a vegan (or vegetarian) variety of Southeast Asian hot sauce for those with a diet who choose not to eat animal meat products or have a shrimp allergy. It is the gluten-free, vegan version of their traditional Malaysian hot sauce (a plant-based condiment). Since Southeast Asia is surrounded by water, they have access to seafood, so many of their sauces and dishes have fish or shrimp cooked into them.

Are you practicing veganism? Mama Lam’s makes it easy to get the desired heat level in a dish or snack without compromising your food values. The vegan product contains only natural ingredients: shallots (a kind of onion), water, garlic, dried organic chili peppers, and salt. No non-vegan ingredients. No vinegar or sugars.

Knowing that you are eating something that does not contain animal products or anything artificial will help you feel good about what you’re making in your kitchen and serving family and friends. Your guests will appreciate that you are giving them vegan options, all without compromising on flavor.

Choose online from the four oz. or eight oz—jar size. The smaller of the two sizes provides about 26 servings, while the larger size is double that. Once you open it the first time, just put it back in the refrigerator for the next time you want a flavor punch. It will last up to a year in the fridge, although it’s so tasty and easy to use while cooking that it likely won’t last that long.

DSC_0194 edit
Sauteed veggies with Mama Lam’s Malaysian Hot Sauce

From Mama Lam’s

At Mama Lam’s, we always like to say that the hot spice level is not something that everyone will find comfortable. While it is not as hot as ghost peppers (the hottest pepper) and used in many hot sauce brands, it still provides a great level of heat and more importantly, flavor. If you are craving a “burn” in the mouth, then look forward to getting that when you taste this Malaysian vegan hot sauce NY.

 Plus, the Malaysian style is not something that is easy to find in New York. Get your hot food needs met with a sauce that kicks up the flavor and spiciness of your favorite recipes, including vegan chili (vegan chili sauce), vegan quinoa cakes, spicy vegan dips for vegetables, and much more. We have many recipes you can look through to find what you like!

Easily order the hot sauce you want from Mama Lam’s online shop. Even if you don’t live in New York, now you can enjoy Malaysian flavors, as well as the spicy bite you want for your favorite recipes. Your friends will likely come back for more, as will your family, when you serve dishes with the hot sauce in them.

Or, if you’re not sure if someone you are cooking for likes hot spice, then put the jar at the side for them to take as much or as little as they want, using it as a vegan condiment. The quality product is sure to become a staple in your home kitchen. Find us in grocery stores.

Consider giving it as a gift too. It’s a hot sauce unlike any other that your friend or family will end up loving it like you! Order the Vegan Hot Sauce NY Today.

Spicy kale-tofu bowl

With Malaysian roots and a hot level of spice, this vegan hot sauce is a memorable one. Many of our fans like getting the bigger size so they can enjoy it whenever they want, primarily if they serve many people. Make it your star ingredient.

Order your Malaysian hot sauce of the vegan variety today. It is cooked and jarred in New York and will ship conveniently to your house. Kick up your favorite dishes in ways you haven’t done before.

Embrace the flavors of Malaysia and experiment in the kitchen in a fulfilling way, whether you are a novice chef or more experienced. Look forward to the spicy flavor! It is sure to be part of your must-have collection in the kitchen. 

Expert Facts On Vegan Hot Sauce

  • Vegan hot sauce is made without animal products like dairy or eggs.
  • It can be spicier than traditional hot sauces due to chili peppers and other spices.
  • The flavor profile of vegan hot sauce varies depending on the ingredients used, but it often has a smoky, tangy taste.
  • It can be used in various dishes, from tacos to stir fries to soups.
  • Some brands offer unique flavors like mango habanero or pineapple jalapeno for an extra kick!
  • You may find that vegan hot sauce is healthier than traditional varieties because it contains fewer calories and fat per serving.

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