mama lams curry paste

Spicy Orzo Salad

Spicy orzo salad with curried chickpeas, tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers, mint and feta cheese Servings: 8-10Prep Time: 10 minutesCook Time: 15 minutes (to cook orzo and chickpeas) Ingredients: For the salad:8 oz orzo (cook per package instructions)6 oz of dried chickpeas or One 12 oz canned cooked chickpeas4 tablespoon of Mama Lam’s Curry PasteMint (chopped) … Read more

Curry Queso Dip

Mama Lam’s Curry Queso Dip Servings: 8Prep Time: 5 minCook Time: 6 min Ingredients 2/3 cup (5 oz) freshly shredded cheddar cheese (hard)2/3 cup (5 oz) freshly shredded cheddar cheese (soft)1 Tbsp cornstarch1 Tbsp butter1 Tbsp vegetable oil1 small yellow onion – minced3 cloves garlic – minced4 tbsp Mama Lam’s Curry Paste12 oz can evaporated … Read more

Spicy Turkey Zucchini Meatballs

Mama Lam’s Spicy Turkey Zucchini Meatballs A Healthier Alternative Everyone is trying to eat healthier nowadays. Try substituting ground beef or pork with ground turkey! Turkey is typically drier than other meats out there, so this recipe adds some diced up zucchini to moisten it up. Of course, having the turkey meatballs on their own … Read more

Curry Burger

Malaysian Curry Burger: marinated Malaysian curry beef-onion patty, topped with curried onions, tomato and spicy sour cream Authentic Curry with a Twist Growing up, Mama Lam always made Malaysian curry chicken or Malaysian curry noodle soup, which were both delicious dishes. When we started Mama Lam’s, we learned of all the new ways that people … Read more

Spicy Eggplant Parmesan

Spicy Eggplant Parm served over spaghetti Servings: 6Prep Time: 3 minutesCook Time: 20 minutes IngredientsFor the marinara sauce:2 tbs of oil (1 tbs to saute garlic and onions, 1 tbs once you add tomato puree and paste)3 cloves of garlic (diced) 1 small onion (sliced)1 x 28 oz can of tomato puree (or whole peeled … Read more

Spicy Ribs

Spicy spareribs made with Malaysian hot sauce served over garlic fried rice Servings: 2Prep Time: 3 minutes (3 hours to marinate or overnight for even more flavor) Cook Time: 20 minutes Ingredients1 lb of spareribs1 tbs of Mama Lam’s Hot Sauce1 tbs of agave nectar2 tbs oil2 tsp salt1 tsp black pepper1 tsp white pepper1 … Read more