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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the products gluten-free?

Yes they are! Please note that we do work in a shared facility where gluten is processed.

How long does the curry paste or hot sauce last after opening?

Once you open it, just refrigerate and it lasts in the fridge up to a year!

How many servings of curry paste is in one jar?

The 4 oz jar has approximately 8 servings and the 8 oz jar has approximately 16 servings.

We generally recommend 1 tbsp per serving, however, if you feel that you need more curry flavor – add a little more!

How many servings of hot sauce is in one jar?

Depends on your spice tolerance! We recommend 1 tsp per serving, which is approximately 26 servings in the 4 oz jar. However, some people have a high tolerance and use it by the tablespoon! So, it really depends.

What’s the best thing to make with the curry paste?

Mama Lam loves to make curry chicken and curry noodle soup with her curry paste! But, it tastes great with any ingredient. Check out our recipes page! If you’re thinking about curry laksa, check out our laksa recipe roundup!

What’s the best thing to make with the hot sauce?

Top it on your dumplings or mix it with your noodles!

But it’s delicious when you cook it into vegetables or marinate it into meats for BBQ.

What chili pepper is used in the hot sauce?

We use the Chile de Arbol! The original recipe was with the Thai Bird’s Eye Chili but when we went to market, we decided that the Bird’s Eye Chili might be too spicy for most people to enjoy.

How do you use the curry paste?

Just stir-fry or sauté the curry paste and your main ingredient – chicken, vegetables, seafood, etc – in a pan together! This gives you more of a dry curry.

Some people like to add coconut milk to make a curry sauce.

Should I use Malaysian curry powder or paste?

We use the Chile de Arbol! The original recipe was with the Thai Bird’s Eye Chili but when we went to market, we decided that the Bird’s Eye Chili might be too spicy for most people to enjoy. Check out the differences

Do you need to add oil when using the curry paste?

Typically if you are using a non-stick pan, you don’t have to add any oil!

How spicy is the hot sauce?

Our hot sauce is pretty hot but it’s a savory heat! If you like flavor in your hot sauce, you will love our hot sauce.


Do you ship internationally?

We do ship internationally but it is a manual process that is done on the back-end. So, send us an email ([email protected]) to inquire! Unfortunately, the free shipping we offer for orders over $50 is only available for domestic orders.

When do orders ship after I place an order?

Orders received before 3 PM EST will be shipped out the same day, except on the weekends. Orders received after 3 PM EST on Friday, on Saturday and Sunday will be shipped out on Monday.


Can I pick up my orders anywhere?

Yes! You can now pick up your orders from our farmers markets stands in Brooklyn or in Westchester! Check out our calendar to know where we will be.

Just place your order as you normally would on our site and when you get to checkout, enter the code “PICKUP” to get shipping waived. In the “Additional Info” section of the checkout page, you will be able to select the date and location of the pickup.

Please note that we will send you a reminder email the day before and then send you a text an hour before the market ends as a final reminder for the day.

We understand sometimes things come up! If you need to reschedule your pickup, please feel free to email us to let us know – [email protected] Please note that if you end up deciding you need the order shipped, we will need to charge you for shipping accordingly.

I live in Astoria or Long Island City! How do I receive the free contact-less delivery?

Just enter code, “LOCALDELIVERY” at at checkout. Typically, the orders will go out the next day unless we are able to add it to our delivery route the same day. Either way, we’ll reach out via email to let you know when we will make the delivery.


What are some classic Malaysian dishes?

Malaysian food is becoming extremely popular on a global level and there are a lot of reasons for that. Many delicious parts of Malaysian cuisine have varying Eastern influences that include Chinese, Indian and Malay. In some ways it’s similar to Indonesian food, with the two nations sharing many of the same dishes. There are some classic Malaysian dishes that are well worth trying, replicating in your home or even experiencing in the country itself. With that in mind, check out our list of classic Malaysian dishes.