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Malaysian Mild Vegan Curry Paste


NEW OIL ALERT – We now use Sunflower oil instead of Corn oil and it tastes even better! Please note that at the moment, only the 8 oz jars are cooked with Sunflower oil.

Ingredients Include: Corn Oil, Coconut Milk, Curry Powder (Chili, Coriander, Cumin, Fennel, Cinnamon, Tumeric, Gram Dhall, Curry Leaves, Rice (Thickener), Black Pepper), Shallots, Garlic, Sugar, Salt


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Vegan Mild Curry Paste

If you are looking for a mild vegan curry paste, look no further. Mama Lam’s vegan curry paste available in a mild heat level, is unlike any other, from the origin story to the versatility in the kitchen.

Mama Lam is a real person, and she and her two daughters make each batch with love in New York. Get the blend that began Mama Lam herself, a Malaysian Chinese woman who did not see many curry paste with a Malaysian profile in the city of New York when she moved there.

Mama Lam’s is a family-based business that provides a flavor profile that is delicious and produced right in New York. The vegan mild curry elevates the flavors of sauces, soups, and more. It can also transform your favorite salad dressing recipe into a whole new one.

From the Lam kitchen to yours, now you can enjoy this sensational vegan curry with a mild spice level whenever you like. Just order online and we will ship it right to your door.

Mama Lam and her daughter, Cassandra during a production shift

Curry Okra stir-fry

Your New Favorite Vegan Curry Paste From NY

While there are many different cultures and cuisines in New York, Mama Lam didn’t find many options for Malaysian curry here. She resorted to making her own to enjoy until her daughters decided to launch the brand with her in 2016, bringing Mama Lam’s tasty curry paste to cooks in NY. The online shop quickly gained popularity and now her family is enjoying making curry paste for people in the US and abroad.

Mama Lam’s vegan mild curry paste is sure to be ones that you reach for when you are looking for a curry that won’t add too much heat to a dish. Not everyone likes heat, and you’re a considerate chef for understanding that. This is also the perfect level of spice if you’re introducing spicy foods to your toddler.

Vegan Mild Curry Paste Options

If you prefer mild rather than medium, then you can find the same great flavor profile with less heat from Mama Lam’s lineup. The vegan mild curry follows the traditional recipe that people can’t seem to get enough of, without the shrimp paste. Get this curry paste online so that you can serve guests and have them marvel at the many levels of flavor in your dish, all with a mild spice profile.

Mama Lam’s Malaysian curry paste provides a fast and convenient way to get a more complex taste to your dishes that will have those who you serve thinking that you spent hours in the kitchen, when really it took no time at all. The mild taste makes this one a popular choice for meals for those who normally do not have spicy foods.

Contrary to popular belief, curries can have a depth of flavor without having the heat that some people want to avoid. That is why this vegan mild curry is a great option for those who don’t want the “burn” that comes with a spicy meal.

Malaysian Curry Paste NY

Mama Lam’s vegan mild curry is cooked and jarred in New York. It does not have artificial components, instead using coconut milk, garlic, and other real ingredients you can pronounce. Taken together, the recipe is one that is unique in NY.

You can use the curry paste to instantly deliver a tasty profile to your stir-fries, soups, salads, and more. You can taste the authenticity within each bite! Since our vegan mild curry paste does not have shrimp paste, vegans, vegetarians, and those with shrimp allergies can enjoy Malaysian curry.

Choose from the 4 oz. and 8 oz. jar size, depending on which one you prefer for your kitchen. The bigger size is great for families, if you are having a big dinner party, or if you want to use more the next week or a few months later. The smaller jar makes great gifts to friends and family that you want to introduce Mama Lam’s to!

Simply refrigerate the vegan curry paste after opening the jar and look forward to using it again! It will last in the refrigerator for up to a year. You probably won’t have it that long though as it can be used in several ways, from sauteeing chicken and seafood to adding as a sauce to burgers.

Stir-fry Curry Udon Tofu


Mama Lam’s Vegan Mild Curry Paste

Get Your Mild Vegan Curry Paste

Don’t miss out on getting yours today as this one is becoming a favorite among New York home cooks. Consider giving it as a gift to your friends too in a basket, along with a nice bottle of their preferred beverage.

Order online today the mild vegan curry NY from Mama Lam’s that will add flavor and depth to the meals you serve your family and guests. It will be the secret ingredient you can’t live without (or let others know about)!