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Mama Lam’s Loaded Fries

Who Doesn’t Love Loaded Fries?!

Well, we definitely love loaded fries. The inspiration for this dish actually comes from a NY staple – chopped cheese sandwiches. We decided to put the chopped cheese on fries instead of a bun! Then, we topped it with some toppings such as tomatoes, red onions and some Mama Lam’s Spicy Sauce.

What Makes This Mama Lam’s Loaded Fries?

  • We seasoned the ground beef (or vegan beef, for the vegans and vegetarians out there) with Mama Lam’s curry paste. Then, we made the spicy sauce with Mama Lam’s hot sauce.

Any Tips?

  • Cook the ground beef longer so it’s almost crispy! It makes it tastier when you eat it

  • You can add more Mama Lam’s curry paste if you want it more curried flavor.

  • We were moderate with the cheese, so feel free to add more!

Prep Time:10 minutes
Cook Time:15 minutes


1/2 lb ground beef
3 tablespoons curry paste
5 Potatoes (sliced, skin-on)
1 block of Cheddar Cheese (shredded)
8 Cherry Tomatoes (diced)1 Red Onion (diced)
Scallions or cilantro (chopped)

Spicy Sauce
1x 5.3 oz cup of Greek yogurt
1/2 a lemon’s juice
2 tsp Mama Lam’s Hot Sauce


    1. Mix ground beef and curry paste together.

    2. Mix Greek yogurt, lemon juice and hot sauce together for the spicy sauce.

    3. Heat oil to fry potatoes.Once heated, add potatoes in and fry for 4-5 minutes on medium-low heat.

    4. Remove the potatoes and place on paper towels to soak up the oil. Repeat process if you still have more potatoes.

    5. Once you finished frying the potatoes for the first time, you’ll fry them again until they are golden brown.

    6. Heat pan and add a little bit of oil. Add curry ground beef to the pan. Cook on each side for about 2 minutes.

    7. Chop up the burger patty and then add the shredded cheese on top. Let it melt.

    8. Once the cheese is melted, place on top of the fries.

    9. Then top with red onions, tomatoes, some more cheese, and the spicy sauce on top. Garnish with scallions or cilantro.

All ingredients needed for our loaded fries
Hot sauce, Greek yogurt and lemon juice